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At KinderPark, our kindergartners experience STEAM, (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). Where else can your kindergartner design and wire his or her own hex bug, or art bot (a robot that draws!). Where else can s/he create abstract art pieces while learning math? Where else will s/he explore the universe and learn about comets by making one? Where else will s/he learn to screw, use a lathe and assemble wood to build everything from boats to benches?

A program like no other, SparkPark Kindergarten Enrichment provides kids with skills that enhance their creativity and proffers their confidence. They won’t believe what they are capable of and you will be amazed as well! Our program allows each child to develop at their own pace while challenging them to reach a bit farther as they progress through the year.

Our student/instructor ratio is 6:1 and our instructors are all college-educated and in most cases, professionals in their fields.

Our technique to teaching involves approaching concepts in a variety of ways that utilize art, science, and active games. Concepts will be revisited in different ways over the course of the year so that children can remember and build on previous knowledge. For example, art is used to enhance the understanding of science and science is brought into the world of art. Social studies and history are artfully woven into the curriculum to support and enhance the understanding of concepts. These subjects are introduced through music, art and science and are relevant to the topic the children are working on at present. Connections are made by teachers and children continue to make connections between science, art, history, social studies and multicultural exposure over the course of the year.

While the topics may seem advanced, children of this age are able to understand all concepts taught no matter their learning style. Children love to learn! They love to have knowledge they can share with family, friends and siblings. As children learn best when they can teach the information/skills they have learned, we encourage children to learn cooperatively when possible. Children’s individual strengths are always encouraged and challenged as groups of children come to understand and value what their peers are excel at and are interested in.

All children are kept active and engaged. Our unique curriculum appeals to children from the most reserved to the most active. Kids never sit at desks, but move around, sit at group round tables (for short periods) and have the freedom to stand instead of sit during all activities. The content is developmentally appropriate and exposes children to greater depth and breadth in science, art, foreign languages and social studies than available anywhere else.

Transportation can be arranged from or to your child's school for children who are in half-day kindergarten. A minimum of 4 children  from any one school is required for transportation. Please call us for details.

One random day at SparkPark may look like this:

9:00 am - 10:00 am - Learn about electricity by showing examples of what is powered by electricity and what isn’t. Children will move through our 3000 sq. ft space finding objects powered by electricity (computers, lights, etc.).

Electrons and electrical current will be introduced through a variety of methods including active games.

10:00 am - 11:00 am - Bathroom, snack break and outdoor recess in Sabine Park across the street which provides two playgrounds, one for toddlers and one for elementary-age children. Science experiments are performed outside on occasion as well.

11:00 am - Art activity: making atoms out of pom poms and showing how electrons ‘jump’. Children can additionally make a free choice pom pom creation. We encourage the children to think about making what they think atoms should look like since they can’t see them, now knowing they have a center (nucleus) and electrons ‘floating’ around them like planets around the sun.

(Connections are made between the planets’ orbit and electron orbits’. Gravity is introduced through active play.)

Morning half-day ends at 11:45 am.

11:45 am - 12:30 pm - Lunch, bathroom break, free play in open playroom.

12:30 pm - 12:45 pm - Storytime.

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm - Children will take wooden pieces and design a boat or car. They will learn what needs to be screwed and will learn techniques. We offer child-sized and powered drills and work one-on-one with the children to drill holes and screw their pieces together. They will observe how a drill press works for the mast of their boat. More advanced children can learn how to attach pieces using dowels.

1:45 pm- 2:15 pm - Active multi-cultural games will be played.

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm - Bringing nature in: children will learn about a variety of objects from outside and will look at leaf veins under a microscope. They will learn what microscopes are used for. Children will use magnifying glasses to see nature objects and compare to what the microscope shows. As children of this age are not always able to close one eye, the microscope has a video attachment. Children will learn how to make slides as well.

3:00 pm - 3:20 pm - Children will do rubbings of nature objects and make collages of actual objects and rubbings.

3:20 pm -  3:45 pm - Storytime and pickup.


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