“How is a rainbow made?"
“What makes a lightening bug light up?”
“How come a clouds ‘float’?”
"If we're made of cells, where did they come from?"
"How fast is our Universe expanding and how do we know?”

From “What's out there?” to “What's in here?” and everything in between, kids want to know.

SciencePark not only tackles many of the big questions, but explores the process that scientists took to discover the answers, allowing kids to rediscover and discover for themselves.

Delving into the scientific process includes three steps:

  1. Asking a question
  2. Coming up with a hypothesis
  3. Trying to prove the hypothesis right and trying to prove it wrong as the truth is in the pudding—we mean experiment, (though it might involve pudding!)

We encourage kids to chase the evidence wherever it may go. Activities encourage, stretch and stimulate your child's insatiable curiosity, playfulness, imagination and unique intelligence. Some examples of activities include:

  • Creating holograms
  • Assembling basic cameras and learning how the eye sees
  • Lunching on astronauts' food (yum?)
  • Building spy kits using electromagnetism

Kids come to know science in a new way, free from the fear of not understanding,
and sparked to discover more!

Watch Fox 29 Good Day coverage of our science camp here! Robyn and Emily guide SparkSummer campers through two fun science experiments!



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